Connect JFrog Security to Jira

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Connecting JFrog Security to Jira requires providing the JFrog URL and an Admin Access Token. Follow these steps to obtain both. 

To obtain the Admin Access token:

  1. Log in to the JFrog Platform. 

  2. From the Administration tab, navigate to User Management > Access Tokens > Generate Token.

  3. Define the following:

    1. Ensure that Scoped token is selected.

    2. Add an optional description for your access token.

    3. Select Admin in Token Scope.

    4. In the User name field, enter your JFrog platform's user name.

    5. Select "Artifactory & Xray" as a Service

    6. Ensure that "Never" is selected as the expiration time.

    7. Uncheck "Create Reference Token".

    8. Click  Generate.

  4. Use the "Copy" button to copy your admin access token.

Obtain the JFrog URL

It is the domain URL of your JFrog enterprise application, such as

To obtain the JFrog URL:

In Jira:

  1. Select  the Security tab

  2. Select Xray Atlassian application, and install it.

  3. Click on Configure your security tools:

  4. You will be redirected to the JFrog Xray App.

  5. Connect the JFrog Platform to Jira by providing the JFrog URL and Admin Acces Token you obtained in the previous steps.

  6. To verify the connection, navigate to the "Security" tab of your project and check that the "Configure your security tools" step is marked as completed.