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JFrog Artifactory supports build integration with any CI server. The integration of Artifactory into your build ecosystem provides important information that supports fully reproducible builds through visibility of artifacts deployed, dependencies and information about the build environment.

The Artifactory Build Integration provides a set of plugins you can use with industry standard CI systems and build tools that allow you to:

  • View all the builds that are published in Artifactory.

  • Explore the modules of each build, including published artifacts and corresponding dependencies.

  • Obtain information about the build environment.

  • Treat all the artifacts and/or dependencies from a specific build as a single unit and perform build promotion.

  • Search for artifacts in the context of a build using AQL or File Specs.Artifactory Query Language

  • Delete old artifacts by defining build retention.

  • Have bidirectional links between build and artifact information inside the CI server and Artifactory pages.

Behind the scenes, the JFrog clients for your CI server performs these major tasks:

  1. Resolves all dependencies from a resolution repository in Artifactory.

  2. Deploys all the artifacts to Artifactory.

  3. Collects the Build-Info from the build agents and saves it in Artifactory.