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Artifactory provides tight integration with TeamCity CI Server through the TeamCity Artifactory Plug-in. Beyond managing efficient deployment of your artifacts to Artifactory, the plug-in lets you capture information about artifacts deployed, dependencies resolved, environment data associated with the TeamCity build runs and more, which effectively provides full traceability for your builds.

From version 2.1.0 the TeamCity Artifactory Plug-in provides powerful features for release management and promotion. For details please refer to TeamCity Artifactory Plugin - Release Management.

Before you begin

Please refer to the general information about Artifactory's Build Integration before using the TeamCity Artifactory Plugin.

Source Code Available!

The TeamCity Artifactory Plugin is an open source project on GitHub that you can freely browse and fork.

Build Runner Support

The TeamCity Artifactory plugin supports most build runner types, including: Maven2, Maven 3, Ivy/Ant (with Ivy modules support), Gradle , NAnt, MSBuild, FxCop , and Ipr.

TeamCity License Information

The TeamCity Artifactory plugin is available under the Apache v2 License.