Bamboo Artifactory Plugin - Release Management

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Artifactory supports release management through the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin.

When you run your builds using Maven or Gradle with jobs that use Git or Perforce as your version control system, you can manually stage a release build allowing you to:

  • Change values for the release and next development version

  • Choose a target staging repository for deployment of the release, and

  • Create a VCS tag for the release.

Staged release builds can later be promoted or rolled-back, changing their release status in Artifactory and, optionally, moving the build artifacts to a different target repository.

Inside Artifactory, the history of all build status change activities (staged, promoted, rolled-back, etc.) is recorded and displayed for full traceability.

When release management is enabled, the Artifactory release staging link appears on the top header bar in the job page.

Displaying the Release and Promotion Tab

To display the Artifactory Release & Promotion tab you need to click the small arrow indicated below.


Release management tab moved from plugin version 1.7.0

From Bamboo Artifactory Plugin version 1.7.0, the Release Management tab was moved from the Plan page level to the Job page level because the process applies to artifacts in the context of a single job rather than a whole plan (which may hold several jobs).

The tab name was also changed from Artifactory Release management to Artifactory Release & Promotion.