JIRA Cloud Integration Limitations

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JIRA issue accepts only whole number as build number (e.g. 1, 2, 999, etc.). Therefore, common build/release versioning schemes such as SemVer (1.2.3), date-based (2023.06.28.999), or even empty text will not be accepted by JIRA.

If your build numbering scheme falls into these categories, please be aware that this integration will not function as intended.

Workaround for JIRA Cloud Integration Limitation

One possible workaround will be to use the build/release version as build name and the least significant part of the version as build number.

For example for SemVer:

  • build name = 1.2.3

  • build number = 3

For date-based version:

  • build name = 2023.6.28.999

  • build number = 999