Configure Repositories with Variables

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This section is relevant for Free-Style and Maven jobs only,.


You can select text mode in which you can type out your target repository.

In your target repository name, you can use variables that will be dynamically replaced with a value at build time.

The variables should be specified with a dollar-sign prefix and be enclosed by curly brackets.

For example: ${deployRepository}, ${resolveSnapshotRepository}, ${repoPrefix}-${repoName} etc.

The variables are replaced by values from one of the following job environments:

  1. Predefined Jenkins environment variables.

  2. Jenkins properties (Read more in Jenkins Wiki)

  3. Parameters configured in the Jenkins configuration under the "This build is parameterized" section - these parameters could be replaced by a value from the UI or using the Jenkins REST API.

  4. Injected variables via one of the Jenkins plugins ("EnvInject" for example).