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Version 5 is now available!

We'd like to announce the release of Version 5 for the Gradle Artifactory Plugin. This major release marks a significant milestone as we have completely rewritten the plugin code from Groovy to Java. The primary goal of this rewrite was to address several fundamental issues that existed in the previous versions, while also enabling us to incorporate additional functionality that was proving to be extremely challenging with Version 4. The code and documentation for Version 5 of the plugin can now be found at

The version 5 documentation is available here.

Version 5 includes the following breaking changes:

  1. The minimum supported Gradle version has been increased to 6.9. Consequently, the legacy archive configurations are no longer supported.

  2. The 'parent' closure in the 'artifactory' convention is no longer compatible or supported.

Examples: Project examples which use the Gradle Artifactory Plugin are available here.