The URL Resolver and Ivy

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The URL resolver can be used to resolve dependencies and/or for deployment of both regular artifacts and Ivy module files.

To publish or resolve artifacts to or from Artifactory, you need to configure a URL resolver with the pattern that matches your target repository layout for both Ivy and artifact files.

For example:

<!-- Authentication required for publishing (deployment). 'Artifactory Realm' is the realm used by Artifactory so don't change it. -->
<credentials host="localhost" realm="Artifactory Realm" username="admin" passwd="password"/>
    <url name="artifactory-publish">
        <!-- You can use  m2compatible="true" instead of specifying your own pattern -->
        <artifact pattern=
        <ivy pattern="http://localhost:8080/artifactory/ivy-local/[organization]/[module]/[revision]/ivy-[revision].xml" />


The URL resolver uses HTML href analysis to learn about the available versions of a remote artifact. This is less reliable than using an IBiblio resolver, however it works well with remote Artifactory servers.