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The HashiCorp Vault plugin talks to JFrog Artifactory server (5.0.0 or later) and will dynamically provision access tokens with specified scopes.

This plugin is now being actively maintained by JFrog Inc. Refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for contributions and create Github issues to request support.


This is a HashiCorp Vault plugin, which talks to the JFrog Artifactory server and provisions access tokens with specified scopes dynamically. This backend can be mounted multiple times to provide access to multiple Artifactory servers. Using this plugin, you can limit the accidental exposure window of Artifactory tokens; useful for continuous integration servers.

Access Token Creation and Revoking

This backend creates access tokens in Artifactory using the admin credentials provided. Note that if you provide non-admin credentials, then the "username" must match the username of the credential owner.


RTFACT-22477, proposing CIDR restrictions on the created access tokens.


See the contribution guide.


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