Xray Integration with Lightstep

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The JFrog Xray Lightstep integration provides a way to manage incident response for security and license compliance issues. With this integration organizations can combine JFrog Xray application security code scanning with Lightstep’s intelligent incident response and management capabilities, to identify compliance and security issues earlier in their DevOps pipeline and engage the necessary teams for timely response and remediation.

If you need help with this integration, please contact support@jfrog.com.


  • Your organization should have a running instance of the JFrog Platform with Xray installed. You can signup for a free instance at: https://jfrog.com/start-free/

  • You must be a user with Admin permissions to create the initial webhooks for Artifactory and Xray.

  • Your organization must already have setup policies and watches prior to getting Xray notifications.

  • Your organization must already have an active subscription with Lightstep.