Xray Integration with ServiceNow Spoke

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The JFrog Xray Spoke integration allows your organization to build automated workflows that interact directly with the JFrog Platform. A Servicenow spoke is a scoped application that includes Flow Designer custom actions or subflows.

Focused on Xray, Artifact, Repository, and JFrog Admin actions. From generating violations reports to creating ignore rules, re-scanning builds and artifacts, assigning custom item properties, and assigning permissions to users and groups, the JFrog Spoke provides out-of-the-box actions that your company can mix-and-match with other ServiceNow workflows to automate your overall IT-operations.

To see a video of this example, click here.

For a list of supported actions with ServiceNow spoke, see List of Supported Actions with ServiceNow Spoke.

How it Works

ServiceNow Spokes are applications with predefined actions that customers can use to build workflows on the NOW Platform. The JFrog Spoke has actions that can be combined with other native Spokes from ServiceNow and other third-party tools to create enterprise-grade workflows for vulnerability and change management for all your ITSM needs.


Configuration Overview

For instructions on configuring Xray integration with ServiceNow spoke, see Xray Integration with ServiceNow Spoke Configuration Overview.

Main Features

Xray integration with ServiceNow Spoke offers the following main features:

  • Track Xray Vulnerabilities

  • Track License Violations

  • Create Ignore Rules

  • Create Users

  • Update Permissions

  • Generate and Send Xray Violations Reports

  • Trigger Scans of new Artifacts and Builds

  • Manage Custom Item Properties

  • Move, Copy and Delete Artifacts

  • Create, Update, and Delete Watches

  • Create, Update and Delete Policies

  • Manage Group Permissions

  • Ingest Xray data into ServiceNow Tables


If you need help with this integration, please contact support@jfrog.com.