Trigger Builds in Reaction to Changes in Artifactory

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The plugin allows you to set a new type of trigger that periodically polls a path in Artifactory, a folder, or an individual file. Whenever a change is detected in the polled element, the TeamCity build is triggered. For example, the build could be triggered when new artifacts have been deployed to the specified path in Artifactory.

Artifactory Pro required

Triggering builds is only available with Artifactory Pro

To configure a new build trigger, under Administration, select $PROJECT_NAME | $BUILD_NAME. Then, select Triggers.

Click the Add new trigger button to select an Artifactory Build Trigger


Select the Artifactory Server URL and the Target repository.

Complete the username and password fields of a valid deployer for the selected repository.

Deploy permission

The specified user must have deploy permissions on the repository

Then, in Items to watch, specify the paths in the selected repository in which a change should automatically trigger a build.


Be as specific as possible in Items to watch

In order to establish if there has been a change, Artifactory must traverse all the folders and their sub-folders specified in Items to watch. If the specified folders have a lot of content and sub-folders, this is a resource-intensive operation that can take a long time.

Therefore, we recommend being as specific as possible when specifying folders inItems to watch.