Stage a Maven Release Build

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Once the release management is enabled, Artifactory release staging link will appear in the left panel ( to authorized users)


Clicking on the release staging link will open a new page with configuration options for the release build:

Artifactory Pro Release Staging900x1544.png

The release staging page displays the last build version (the version is of the root pom and it is taken from the last non-release build).

Most of the fields in the form are filled with the default values.

Version configuration controls how the plugin changes the version in the pom files (global version for all modules, version per module or no version changes).

If create VCS tag is checked (default), the plugin will commit/push the poms with the release version to the VCS system with the commit comment. When using Git, there's also an option to create a release branch.

If the target Artifactory server is the Pro edition, the last section lets you change the target repository (the default is the release repository configured in Artifactory publisher) and to add a staging comment which will be included in the build info deployed to Artifactory.

Click on the "Build and Release to Artifactory" button to trigger the release build.