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Deprecation Notice

This plugin has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

To continue using Artifactory with VSTS, we recommend using the new JFrog Artifactory Extension.

To get the new extension, please refer to Artifactory Azure DevOps Extension.Artifactory Azure DevOps Extension

To facilitate switching from the old extension to the new one, both extensions can be installed and run concurrently in your VSTS environment.

Artifactory brings continuous integration to Visual Studio Team Services(VSTS) through the Visual Studio Team Services Artifactory Plugin.

Artifactory already provides a set of plugins for Maven, Gradle, Ivy and other build tools that are supported on VSTS and enable you to capture information about deployed artifacts, resolve dependencies and deploy artifacts to Artifactory. The Visual Studio Team Services Artifactory plugin adds the ability to deploy and download generic artifacts, promote a build to Artifactory and view build information and promotion history.Maven Repository