JFrog Azure DevOps Extension

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JFrog provides tight integration with Azure DevOps through the JFrog Extension beyond managing efficient deployment of your artifacts to JFrog Artifactory, the extension lets you capture information about artifacts deployed, dependencies resolved, environment data associated with the build runs, and more, which effectively facilitates fully traceable builds. JFrog brings continuous integration to Azure DevOps through the JFrog extension.JFrog Artifactory

The JFrog Extension for Azure DevOps supports:

  • Running your builds while using JFrog Artifactory as the binary repository manager.JFrog Artifactory

  • Gaining full traceability of your builds by capturing your build-info from your builds and publishing to JFrog Artifactory.JFrog Artifactory

  • Managing your binaries lifecycle with JFrog Artifactory.

  • Auditing your projects and scanning your builds with JFrog Xray.JFrog Xray

  • Distributing your artifacts with JFrog Distribution.JFrog Distribution

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