Attach Searchable Parameters to Build-Info and to Published Artifacts

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In the Build Configuration Settings you can select Parameters to define system properties or environment variables that should be attached to artifacts and their corresponding build info.

To define a parameter click on the Add new parameter button.


Fill in the corresponding fields.

Parameters relevant for builds run through Artifactory are:

  •* - All properties starting with this prefix are added to the root properties of the build-info

  • artifactory.deploy.* - All properties starting with this prefix are attached to any deployed produced artifacts

You can specify all the properties in a single file, and then define another property pointing to it.

To point the plugin to a properties file, define a property called buildInfoConfig.propertiesFile and set its value to the absolute path of the properties file.

It is also possible to point the plugin to a properties file containing the aforementioned properties.


The properties file should be located on the machine running the build agent, not on the server!