Hashicorp Terraform Provider for JFrog Artifactory

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The Hashicorp Terraform Provider for JFrog Artifactory enables customers to configure and manage the resources, settings and properties associated with their artifactory instances by leveraging a system of Artifactory APIs. With this provider, customers can use a collection of Terraform resources to:

  • Create and manage local, remote, virtual, and federated repositories

  • Create users and groups and set permission targets

  • Configure security and SSO settings

  • Create and manage Artifactory API keys and access tokens

  • Create and configure replication between Artifactory repositories; and

  • Set webhooks for Artifactory events associated with artifacts, builds, and release bundles.


The Hashicorp Terraform Provider for JFrog Artifactory requires the following:

  • Terraform version 0.13 and subsequent versions

  • Admin user privileges for your Artifactory account.

  • A valid Artifactory Pro or Enterprise license

How it Works

The Terraform Provider for JFrog Artifactory requires access to the Artifactory APIs that are only available for Pro and Enterprise license tiers. A list of Terraform resources are used for the creation and management of the entities described in the previous section. An example of how to configure JFrog Artifactory with the Terraform provider is shown below for reference. For more information on how to use the provider, please visit the JFrog Artifactory Terraform Providergithub page.

Example Usage



If you need help with this provider, contact support@jfrog.com, or use the JFrog Artifactory Terraform Provider GitHub page to log issues and requests.