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PagerDuty is a SaaS-based platform that helps to prevent and resolve business-impacting incidents.

Usually, when making software updates to your binaries and applications, your development teams don’t always have direct access to the metadata surrounding events (example: during the compilation of that code). Getting this information is especially important when you have different teams in charge of different parts of your software delivery pipeline. Our integration with PagerDuty allows this monitoring to take place so your on-call teams can monitor events in real-time.

For a list of supported notifications with PagerDuty integration with Artifactory, see Types of Supported Notifications with Artifactory Integration with PagerDuty.

How it Works

  • Users will install the JFrog Artifactory integration application from within the PagerDuty Service Directory and receive a URL to setup the PagerDuty webhook events within JFrog Artifactory.

  • JFrog Artifactory will utilize the PagerDuty webhook trigger to send notifications to PagerDuty. Users will be able to configure their webhook events for repositories, builds, artifact properties, and release bundles within JFrog Artifactory and associate these events with the PagerDuty webhook trigger.

  • Once the webhook is configured within JFrog Artifactory, a change event alert will be available within the PagerDuty service whenever an event occurs.

  • Artifactory performs a re-check of all selected repositories, builds, artifact properties, and release bundles and any events generated will be sent as a change event to the service in PagerDuty. Events from Artifactory will trigger a new change event on the corresponding PagerDuty service, or group them as alerts into an existing change event.

Configuration Overview

For instructions on how to set up this configuration, see Artifactory Integration with PagerDuty Configuration Overview.


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