Set the First Time Password for the JFrog Container Registry in the AWS Container Marketplace Listing

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Amazon AWS Container Marketplace does not allow default passwords. You must provide a password during container initialization or one will be randomly generated.

To set the first-time initialization password for the 'admin' user, pass the environment variable ARTIFACTORY-PASSWORD with the desired password.


docker run ... -- env ARTIFACTORY-PASSWORD=my-new-password <image-url>

If no initialization password is provided, one will be generated and printed to a file in the container.

To get the randomly generated password, you can print the contents of the file.


docker exec -it <container- id > cat /var/opt/jfrog/artifactory/generated-pass .txt


This password is only valid for the initial setup and should then be changed via the UI or REST API

In either case, this password should be used only for the initial set up and the password should be changed via the UI or REST API after you are up and running.