Run a Build with the Artifactory TeamCity Plugin

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The Artifactory Plugin adds the Artifactory configuration to the built-in Maven, Gradle, and Ant and build steps.

In addition, the dedicated Artifactory Docker build step allows pulling and pushing docker images from and to Artifactory, while collecting and publishing build-info to Artifactory.

Generic Build Integration allows downloading and uploading generic files from and to Artifactory, while collecting build Info and publishing it to Artifactory. The Generic Build Integration configuration is added by the Artifactory to the following build steps:

  • Command Line

  • FxCop

  • MSBuild

  • Rake

  • Powershell

  • XCode Project

  • NuGet Publish

  • NAnt

  • Visual Studio (sln)

  • Visual Studio 2003

  • SBT, Scala build tool


  • General: The configuration added to these build steps allows defining the artifacts to upload and download by either using "File Specs" or "Legacy Patterns".

  • File Specs: File Spec are specified in JSON format. You can read the File Spec schema here.