Set Up the JFrog Artifactory Microsoft Azure ARM Template

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This topic reviews how to set up the JFrog Artifactory Microsoft Azure ARM template.

To set up the JFrog Artifactory Microsoft Azure ARM template:

  1. Go to the JFrog Artifactory Enterprise listing.

  2. Select GET IT NOW and then Continue | Create.

  3. In the Basics tab, fill out the Subscription, Resources Group and Region.

  4. In the VM Credentials tab, fill out the username and password used in case you need to connect using SSH to the machines created by this template.

  5. In the Artifactory Cluster Settings tab fill out these settings:

    1. If you update the machine size, make sure to also update the JVM parameters. The max JVM heap should be 1/2-3/4 of the total machine memory.

    2. You will need enough virtual machine vCPU quotas. If you don’t have enough vCPUs, create a support request to Azure to increase the quota or reduce the machine memory.

  6. In the Database Configuration tab, provide the details for the database that will be used.

  7. In Storage Options, select STANDARD_LRS.

  8. Select Review | Create.

  9. When the process is complete, select Outputs to view the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), used to access the UI.