Set up Webhook for JFrog Xray Setup with AWS Security Hub

JFrog Integrations Documentation

  1. Follow the instructions on configuring a Xray webhook.Configure Webhooks for Working with Xray

  2. For the URL, enter the URL from the Serverless Application deployment process from above.

  3. Clear out the User Name and Password fields in the Basic Auth section and, as shown in the image above, add the following two custom headers:




    The API token you provided to the Serverless application deploy process.


    The host name for your JPD. If your JPD host is then use ‘’.

  4. Click Create to create the webhook.

  5. Associate this webhook with a policy that is attached to a watch so that it will be triggered when violations are detected during a scan.

    Now Xray is ready to send data to the integration and Security Hub.