Discard Old Builds

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To use this functionality in pipeline jobs, please refer to one of the Triggering Build Retention sections in the Artifactory Pipeline APIs documentation page.

The Jenkins project configuration lets you specify a policy for handling old builds.


You can delete old builds based on age or number as follows:

Days to keep builds

The number of days that a build should be kept before it is deleted

Max # of builds to keep

The maximum number of builds that should be kept. When a new build is created, the oldest one will be deleted

Once these parameters are defined, in the Post-build Actions section, you can specify that Artifactory should also discard old builds according to these settings as follows:


Discard old builds from Artifactory

Configures Artifactory to discard old builds according to the Jenkins project settings above

Discard build artifacts

Configures Artifactory to also discard the artifacts within the build