Install Microsoft Teams

JFrog Integrations Documentation

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The first thing to do is to download the Microsoft Teams Application.

You can learn how to download and install Microsoft Teams here.

Once, you have Microsoft Teams, you can add the JFrog application by navigation to the lower left-hand corner and clicking on the icon called Apps.


Then, in the search bar, type in “JFrog” and look for the JFrog app*.

*Now, before you add the JFrog app, you must have a team created in your Microsoft Teams browser. If you do not, please create a team.


Click on the app and a window will open that has an “Add to Team” button. Click on that button and select the team you want.

Then click on Set up a bot button to finish installing the JFrog app with Microsoft Teams.

Once you’ve added the JFrog Application from the Microsoft Teams browser, you must connect the application to your JFrog Platform Deployment (or JPD) instance.