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Artifactory brings continuous integration to Atlassian Bitbucket Pipes through the JFrog CLI.

Did you know?

Pipes are Atlassian’s way to simplify configuring your Bitbucket Pipeline. They’re very useful for frequently performed actions that would otherwise take several lines of script, especially when working with a supporting tool like Artifactory or Xray.

Just like a subroutine or object method in code, you invoke a pipe to perform a specific function according to the parameters you provide.

This Bitbucket Pipe downloads installs and configures JFrog CLI so that it can be used as part of your YAML configuration.

In addition, the Pipe includes the following features, when using JFrog CLI to work with Artifactory:

  • The connection details of the Artifactory servers used by JFrog CLI can be stored as secrets.

  • There's no need to add the build name and build number options and arguments to commands which accept them. All build-related operations will be automatically recorded with the following default build name and build number.


    • Build number: $BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER

The JFrog Setup CLI pipe for Bitbucket Pipelines supports:

  • Resolving your build dependencies from Artifactory.

  • Deploying your build artifacts to Artifactory.

  • Gaining full traceability of your builds by capturing your build-info from your builds and publishing to Artifactory.

To learn more, see Bitbucket Pipelines Pipe: JFrog Setup CLI.

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