The IBiblio Resolver and Ivy

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This resolver is only used to resolve dependencies. By default, it assumes artifacts in your repository are laid-out in the popular and standard Maven 2 format (which may not always be the case).

The IBiblio resolver can resolve artifacts from remote Maven 2 HTTP repositories, and if you use version ranges it relies on maven-metadata.xml files in the remote repository to gather information on the available versions.

To use the IBiblio resolver, add the following to your ivysettings.xml file:

    <ibiblio name="artifactory" m2compatible="true" root="http://localhost:8080/artifactory/libs-releases"/>


The URL specified in the root property must point to an Artifactory repository. In the above example, it is the pre-configured libs-releases virtual repository.

Them2compatibleproperty configures the resolver with an artifact pattern that follows the standard Maven 2 layout.