Configure the JPD for Xray and Artifactory Microsoft Teams Integration

JFrog Integrations Documentation

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The first message you will see from the JFrog Bot is going to be an introduction card that asks you to Connect JFrog Platform. Click on that button.


Now, you will need to login to your JFrog instance with Admin credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the Administration > General > Applications area.

*In the free JFrog Platform versions, this information can be found under: Administration > Security > Integrations.

Then click on + New Client Integration. Provide it a name and then click on the application dropdown and select the JFrog Collaboration Integration.

Next, under Integration ID and Secret, click on the button: Generate your ID and Secret.


When you have your Integration ID and Secret, copy and paste these items into the modal window.


Last, copy and paste your JFrog Platform URL (found at the top of your browser window) into the modal window where it says JFrog Platform URL.

Hit Save and look for the success message! Great, you have now connected your organization’s JFrog account to the Microsoft Teams app.

Next, there will be a window that asks you to Get Started. Click on Get Started and on the next screen: Sign In. Use the username and password provided to you by JFrog.

Login to the JFrog Platform with your credentials and Allow the Microsoft Teams JFrog application to authenticate to the JFrog Platform.