The Artifactory Project Publish Task

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The Artifactory Publishing Plugin creates an artifactoryPublish Gradle task for each project the plugin is applied to. The task is configured by the publish closure of the plugin.

You can configure the project-level task directly with the task's artifactoryPublish closure, which uses identical Syntax to that of the plugin's publish.defaults closure.

artifactoryPublish {
    skip = false //Skip build info analysis and publishing (false by default)
        contextUrl = ''
    publications ('a','b','c')
    properties = ['qa.level': 'basic', 'q.os': 'win32, deb, osx']
    properties {
        c '**:**:**:*@*', cProperty: 'only in c'
        clientConfig.publisher.repoKey = 'integration-libs'
        clientConfig.publisher.username = 'deployer'
        clientConfig.publisher.password = 'deployerPaS'

    clientConfig.publisher.setExcludePatterns("*artifacts-to-exclude-1*,*artifacts-to-exclude-2*") // Comma-separated list of excluded patterns. Artifacts matched to one of the patterns will not be deployed.
    clientConfig.publisher.setFilterExcludedArtifactsFromBuild(true) // Set to true to avoid adding the filtered artifacts to the build-info.

    // Minimum file size in KB for which the plugin performs checksum deploy optimization. Default: 10. Set to 0 to disable uploading files with checksum that already exists in Artifactory.
    clientConfig.publisher.minChecksumDeploySizeKb = 10