JFrog Partner Integration using Unified Logging Layer - Fluentd

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To enable JFrog to support numerous log vendors, an open source common logging platform Fluentd is used. It covers log input and field extraction for all products in the JFrog Platform and structures them as JSON. As part of the downstream data processing, the JSON output is forwarded leveraging the plugins to the desired log vendors such as Splunk, Datadog, EFK, and Prometheus. To learn more about Fluentd, see the Fluentd documentation.

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Configure Fluentd with the JFrog Platform

Discusses needed plugin as part of integrating Fluented with the JFrog Platform.

Configure Fluentd with the JFrog Platform


View Fluentd Log Data in Jfrog Das

Details what data can be viewed that is received from the Fluentd plugin.

View Log Data in JFrog Dashboards