Hashicorp Vault Artifactory Secrets Plugin Configuration

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Copy the plugin binary into a location of your choice; this directory must be specified as the plugin_directory in the Vault configuration file:

plugin_directory= "path/to/plugin/directory"

Start a Vault server with this configuration file:

vault server -config=path/to/vault/config.hcl

Once the server is started, register the plugin in the Vault server's plugin catalog.

vault write sys/plugins/catalog/secret/artifactory \
    sha_256="$(sha256sum path/to/plugin/directory/artifactory | cut -d "" -f 1)" \


You may need to also add arguments to the registration like -args="-ca-cert ca.pem or something insecure like: -args="-tls-skip-verify" depending on your environment. (see ./path/to/plugins/artifactory -help for all the options)


This inline checksum calculation above is provided for illustration purpose and does not validate your binary. It should not be used for production environment. Instead you should use the checksum provided as part of the release. For more information, see Verify Binary Checksums.

You can now enable the Artifactory secrets plugin:

vault secrets enable artifactory