Set up the Pipeline for Dynatrace

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To complete the setup of the pipeline, JFrog integrations, repositories, and a pipeline source needs to be added.


The reference pipeline within the repo, pipelines.yml, assumes the names for the integrations and repositories match names from the table in the Design Reference section and as described below are used. You are welcome to use different names, but you must adjust the pipelines.yml too else the pipeline will fail.

Configuration Overview

To set up the Pipeline for Dynatrace:




For more information, see...


Add integrations

Add a GitHub JFrog integration from the JFrog Administration panel

Set up the Pipeline for Dynatrace - Add Integrations


Add repositories

Add Docker repositories in the Artifactory Administration page.

Set up the Pipeline for Dynatrace - Add Repositories


Add a Pipeline Source

Create a new GitHub Pipeline source for the new repository.

Set up the Pipeline for Dynatrace - Add a Pipeline Source