Set Up Docker Build-info for the Jenkins Artifactory Plugin

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To enable fully traceable Docker builds, the Jenkins Artifactory Plugin can collect build info for your Docker builds in Jenkins by setting up an internal proxy server through which the Docker daemon routes its traffic.


Since version 2.14.0 of the Artifactory Plugin, docker build info creation no longer requires setting up the Build-Info Proxy.

Therefore the Pipeline API which uses the Build-Info Proxy is now deprecated.

Here's the deprecated API:

def rtDocker = Artifactory.docker [credentialsId: 'credentialsId'], [host: 'tcp://daemon IP:daemon port']

Please use the new API, which receives an Artifactory server as an argument, instead of credentialsId:

def rtDocker = Artifactory.docker server: server, [host: 'tcp://daemon IP:daemon port']

If you're moving from the old API to the new one, please make sure to remove the HTTP Proxy redirection in your docker configuration.

System Requirements

  • Jenkins build agents running on OSX, Ubuntu 14.x, 16.x or Centos 7.

  • Jenkins 2.x.

  • Jenkins Artifactory Plugin 2.14.0 or above.

  • Artifactory configured as a Docker registry.