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You can easily extend Artifactory's behavior with your own plugins written in Groovy.

User plugins are used for running user's code in Artifactory. Plugins allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • Add scheduled tasks

  • Extend Artifactory with your own security realms

  • Change resolution rules

  • Manipulate downloaded content

  • Respond to any storage events on items and properties

  • Deploy and query artifacts and metadata

  • Perform searches

  • Query security information

  • Invoke custom commands via REST

  • Execute custom promotion logic

  • Provide information and strategies for Artifactory's Build Servers Plugins.

During the development phase, you can change plugin source files and have your plugins redeployed on-the-fly. You can even debug the plugin code using your favorite IDE.

Groovy Version

Groovy 3.0.9 is supported