TeamCity Legacy Patterns (deprecated)

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Legacy patterns are deprecated since version 1.8.0 and will be removed in future releases.

Custom published artifacts

Allows you to specify which artifact files produced by the build should be published to Artifactory. At the end of the build the plugin locates artifacts in the build's checkout directory according to the specified artifact patterns, and publishes them to Artifactory to one or more locations, optionally applying mapping for the target path of each deployed artifact. The pattern and mapping syntax for Published Artifacts is similar to the one used by TeamCity for Build Artifacts.

Custom build dependencies

Allows you to specify dependency patterns for published artifacts that should be downloaded from Artifactory before the build is run. You can have detailed control over which artifacts are resolved and downloaded by using query-based resolution, adding to your artifact paths a query with the properties that the artifact should have before it can be downloaded. For further information read here about Resolution by Properties.Using Properties in Deployment and Resolution



As of version 2.1.4, the above configuration is not backward compatible and you may need to re-save the builds configuration for them to run properly.