Distribute Release Bundles - Scripted Pipeline Syntax

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To better control where the release bundle will be distributed to, you have the option of defining the distribution rules as follows.

def rules = """{
    "distribution_rules": [
        "site_name": "*",
        "city_name": "*",
        "country_codes": ["*"]

After making sure the release bundle is signed, you can distribute it as follows, by optionally using distribution rules.

    name: "example-release-bundle",
    version: "1",
    // Optional distribution rules
    distRules: rules,
    // Optional country codes. Cannot be used together with 'distRules'   
    countryCodes: ["001", "002"]
    // Optional site name. Cannot be used together with 'distRules'
    siteName: "my-site",
    // Optional city name. Cannot be used together with 'distRules'
    cityName: "New York",
    // Optional. If set to true, the response will be returned only after the distribution is completed.
    sync: true,
    // Optional. Set to true to disable communication with JFrog Distribution.
    dryRun: true