Git Release Management with the TeamCity Artifactory Plugin

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Pre-requisites for using Release Management with Git:

  1. Since the Release Management process runs git commands, the git client must be installed on the TeamCity build agent, using an ssh key (using the git client with user and password is not supported)..

  2. The git client should be configured with an ssh key, so that it can access your Git repositories. Therefore, before running the Release Management process for the first time, it is recommended that you first make sure that you're able to perform a git push from the build agent console. Also, make sure that the git push command runs without displaying a user prompt. Note that configuring an ssh passphrase for the git client is not supported.


Changes are only committed if the files are modified (POM files or

During the release, the plugin performs the following steps:

  1. If Create Branch is checked, create and switch to the release branch.

  2. Commit the release version to the current branch.

  3. Create a release tag.

  4. Push the changes.

  5. Switch to the checkout branch and commit the next development version.

  6. Push the next development version to the working branch.