Xray Integration with ServiceNow Spoke Configuration Overview

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This topic reviews how to configure Xray integration with ServiceNow Spoke.


  • Your organization should have an instance of the JFrog Platform version 7.27 or above. You can signup for a free instance at: https://jfrog.com/start-free/

  • You must be a user with Admin permissions to create the initial webhooks for Artifactory and Xray.

  • Your organization must already have set up policies and watches prior to getting Xray notifications in Slack. Learn how to set up watches and policies in Xray.

  • Your organization must already have an active subscription to ServiceNow with access to IntegrationHub Spokes

Configuration Overview

To work with the integration, do the following:




For more information, see...


Review the prerequisites

Review the prerequisites for general and on-Premise installation including verifying you have the required plugins.

Prerequisite for ServiceNow Spoke Integration


Conduct initial setup

Conduct initial setup by adding required credentials for the REST API.

Xray Integration with ServiceNow Spoke Initial Setup


Build your first ServiceNow flow

Access ServiceNow integration hub to configure your first flow and configure the required actions, properties and more.

Build Your First Xray Flow with ServiceNow Spoke Integration