Migrating to the artifactory-build-info Repository

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The migration process may be configured through the following system properties. The migration can run on any node.

Property Name


[Default: 100]

Specifies the number of rows that should be retrieved each time the migration job queries the database for build info json entries that exist in the database but not yet in the build-info repository values.


[Default: 10]

Build info json artifacts are deployed concurrently in batches, then a sleep cycle is initiated. This property specifies the number of artifacts in each batch.


[Default: 2]

Specifies the number of concurrent threads that should execute actual build info artifact updates.

Each concurrent artifact update will incur a read from the database to retrieve the build info json, followed by an upload to the build-info repo.



[Default: 5000 milliseconds]

Specifies the duration of the sleep cycle which is initiated after each batch of updates.


[Default: 300000 milliseconds]

The build-info repository migration can only start when the cluster has been fully upgraded and all nodes run the same minimal required version (6.6.0), where applicable.

This parameter specifies the amount of time the master node will wait between each check for all of the other nodes' current version.