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The Build Info repository, is a local repository that stores your build info json files as artifacts, providing you with:

  • user / group permission management equivalent to managing permissions on repositories with include/exclude patterns on build names

  • build info replication to other instances, since they are stored as artifacts in a repository

  • improved accessibility to the build info json files and overall performance of the Builds module

Whenever a new build is uploaded to Artifactory (either by a CI server plugin, directly using a Build REST API or from the Artifactory UI), it will automatically get deployed to this default artifactory-build-info repository.

Build info json files should be uploaded to the root of the repository. Artifactory will automatically place them in the repository using the following structure: artifactory-build-info > [build name] > [build number]-[deploy timestamp].json

Using the artifactory-build-info repository

The artifactory-build-info repository is automatically created and used by default. It cannot be removed. Removing it will cause all your build info to be deleted and a new default build info repository will be recreated.

Cleanup Policies

If you have existing cleanup policies, defined in Artifactory User Plugins, that delete artifacts from your local repositories according to a policy, they will also affect the artifactory-build-info repository andshould be updated accordingly. Exclude this repository from your cleanup policies to ensure that your build info files are not deleted.

To view the artifactory-build-info repository:

From the Application module, click Artifactory | Artifacts and search for the artifactory-build-info repository.