Promote a Release Build when using the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin

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You can promote a release build after it completes successfully.

This is not a mandatory step but is very useful because it allows you to mark the build as released in Artifactory, and move or copy the built artifacts to another repository so they are available to other users.

To promote a build, browse to the build's result page and click the Artifactory Release & Promotion tab.

Artifactory Pro required

Promotion features are only available with Artifactory Pro

image2014-4-3 18-54-26.png

Select the target status of the build ("Released" or "Rolled-Back"). You may also enter a comment to display in the build in Artifactory.

To move or copy the build artifacts, select the Target promotion repository.

Release management

From Bamboo Artifactory Plug-in version 1.7.0, the Artifactory Release Promotion was moved from the Artifactory tab to the new Artifactory Release & Promotion tab.