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The JFrog Pipelines and Dynatrace Reference Design enables DevOps teams to better manage the development and delivery of software from code to production. In particular, it allows teams to use Dynatrace to track and tag deployment events for improved troubleshooting of applications and services running in production. Dynatrace automatically detects component versions allowing and centralizing this release-relevant data into a release inventory dashboard where releases by environment, open issues, and security vulnerabilities can be easily analyzed. The Dynatrace integration also opens up the use case of “monitoring as code” where Service Level Objectives, dashboards, and alerts are all managed with JFrog Pipelines and the Dynatrace configuration APIs.

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  • Enhance monitoring and troubleshooting of applications and services running in production environments by correlating and tracing performance degradations to specific build updates, deployments, and commits collected through metadata provided by JFrog Pipelines.

  • Accelerate problem resolution and reduce finger-pointing by using detailed contextual data on deployment events including build and git-related information to enable faster resolution of issues.

  • Reduce time spent on manual processes by simplifying and standardizing Kubernetes deployments and introducing self-service Dynatrace monitoring as code.