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The JFrog Security in Jira solution provides you with the capability to integrate your JFrog Platform with your Jira Software Cloud project, enabling enhanced tracking and resolution of unplanned security tasks and vulnerabilities in a more efficient manner.

By utilizing this application, you can easily connect your JFrog Xray Watches and Policies, enabling the direct streaming of violation data to your designated Jira projects. This integration allows you to selectively link specific resources from each Watch, allowing all violations pertaining to the chosen resource to be readily accessible through the Security tab within Jira.

If you need help with this integration, contact support@jfrog.com.


  • You must be a user with Admin permissions to create a webhook for Xray.

  • Your organization must have an active Jira instance.

  • You must have site Admin permissions in your Jira instance.

Configuration Overview

To setup JFrog Security to work with Jira:




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Connect JFrog Security to Jira

Provide the JFrog URL and Admin Access Token to Configure JFrog Security in Jira.

Connect JFrog Security to Jira


Add Workspaces

Add Workspaces in Jira to connect Policies and watches.

Step 2 Add Workspaces