Stage a Gradle Release Build when using the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin

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Once release management is enabled, the Artifactory Release staging tab appears in the top header bar on the job page.

Clicking on the Release staging tab opens a new page with configuration options for the release build:


The Release staging tab displays the Release and Next development properties configured for the job. The plugin reads these values from the file and attempts to calculate and display Release and Next integration version in the text fields.

If Create VCS tag is checked (default), the plugin commits/pushes the POMs with the release version to the version control system with the commit comment. When using Git, if Use release branch is checked, the Next release version changes are carried out on the release branch instead of the current checkout branch. The final section allows you to change the target repository (the default is the release repository configured in Artifactory publisher) and an optional staging comment which includes the build info deployed to Artifactory.

Click on the Build and Release to Artifactory button to trigger the release build.