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You can select the Build Name | Build Number to drill down into a specific build number. This displays detailed information about the build number, and enables you to compare it with another build as described in the following sections.

The Build Info Details screen is divided in these panels:

  • The horizontal panel along the top displays basic information about the selected build number.

  • The Build details. Select a file to see its details in the panel on the right.

builds_published modules.png

There are three categories of information:

  1. General build information about the build and its environment.

  2. Build modules along with their artifacts and dependencies.

  3. Generic view of the build information in JSON format.

The following table describes additional data you can see about views.

Table 1. Build Information 



General Build information

The horizontal panel displays general information about the build.

build information.png
Table 2. 




The CI server managing the build

Build Agent

The specific version of build tool used


The time stamp when the build was started


The duration of the build


The factor that triggered this build. This may be a CI server user, or another build

Artifactory Principal

The factor that triggered this build. This may be a CI server user, or another build

Published Modules

The Published Modules tab displays the modules published into Artifactory as a result of the build, along with the number of artifacts and dependencies that they contain.


Module Artifacts and Dependencies

Selecting a published module that was built will display its artifacts and dependencies. You can group these by type or scope by clicking the corresponding column header.

You can click any item to download it directly, or click its Repo Path toview it in the Tree Browser.Browsing Artifacts


Environment Details

The Environment tab displays an extensive list of properties and environment settings defined for the selected build. You can use these to reproduce the environment precisely if you need to rerun the build. builds_environment_tab.png

Xray Data

Xray scanning requires Artifactory Pro X, Enterprise with Xray, or an Enterprise+ license. xray_data_tab.pngFor more information, see V iewing Xray data on Builds.


The Issues tab displays information about issues that were dealt with in the build. The CI clients that currently support this feature are: Jenkins, Bamboo and JFrog CLI. When using Jenkins CI, if you to set the Enable JIRA Integration option in the Jenkins Artifactory Plugin, the Issues tab will display any JIRA issues that have been addressed by this build.

build_issues tab.png

Build Diff

The Diff tab allows you to compare the selected build with any other build. Once you select a build number in the Select A Build To Compare Against field, Artifactory displays all the differences between the builds that were detected including new artifacts added, dependencies deleted, properties changed and more.


Release History

Generic BuildInfo View

This tab displays the raw BuildInfo JSON representation of the build information in Artifactory. This data can be accessed via the REST API or used for debugging and is also available in the Artifactory OSS version.


Effective Permissions

Displays the list of permissions in the context of users, groups or permission targets on the build level. For more information, see Permissions.Permissions