Connect your JFrog Platform Deployment (JPD) to Slack

JFrog Integrations Documentation

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Once you’ve installed the JFrog Slack Application from the Slack Store, you must connect the application to your JFrog Platform Deployment (or JPD) instance. You can only connect one JPD with a Slack workspace and therefore failover across the HA cluster is not supported.

First, login to the JFrog platform. You must be an admin to access your credentials.

A) If you are an JFrog Platform paid user, go to General tab and look for Applications. From there, you can add a new application.

Then click on Next, Generate your ID and Secret..

B) If you are using the free version of the JFrog Platform, go to the Administration section and then click on Security. Next, scroll down and click on Integrations.

Then click on + New Client Integration. Provide it a name and then from the dropdown under Application, select JFrog Collaboration Integration.

Then click on Next, Generate your ID and Secret..

When you have your Integration ID and Secret, copy and paste these items into the Slack modal window.

Last, copy and paste your JFrog Platform URL (found at the top of your browser window) into the Slack modal window where it says JFrog URL.

Hit Save and look for the success message! Great, you have now connected your organization’s JFrog account to the Slack app.