Verify Connection



Description: Verifies a two-way connection between Artifactory and another product

Returns Success (200) if Artifactory receives a similar success code (200) from the provided endpoint. See possible error codes below.

Since: 4.15.0

Security: Requires an admin user.

Usage: POST/api/system/verifyconnection

Consumes: application/json

POST /api/system/verifyconnection
  +  "endpoint" : "<The URL that Artifactory should connect to>",
  -  "username" : "<Username to be used for the connection test>",
  -  "password" : "<Password to be used for the connection test>"

Produces: application/json

Upon success (200):
200 Successfully connected to endpoint
Upon error, returns 400 along with a JSON object that contains the error returned from the other system.

Sample Output:

  "errors" : [ {
    "status" : 400,
    "message" : "Received error from endpoint url: HTTP 404: Page not found"
  } ]