Pruning Unreferenced Data (PUD) APIs


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The Pruning Unreferenced Data (PUD) APIs are used to delete randomly existing binaries in the filestore that are not referenced in Artifactory. Because these binaries are not referenced, they cannot be deleted with Artifactory's Garbage Collection and the only way to remove them is with the PUD APIs or the PUD user interface. There are three PUD APIs:

The Start PUD Process API contains various parameters that give you control over how to run the PUD process. By default, the Start API initiates the PUD process from the beginning of the directories list. However, the API has a parameter for starting the process from a specific directory as well as a parameter for starting the process from a specific binary in a directory. You can also choose to refrain from deleting unreferenced binaries that were created after a certain date and there is a dry-run option that allows you to run the PUD process without actually deleting unreferenced binaries (this can be useful for estimating the number of unreferenced binaries in each directory without actually removing them).

The Get Status of the PUD Process API returns the current status of the PUD process (i.e., running, stopped, finished, or error) along with relevant data on the process such as total binaries deleted, total size of disk space cleaned, information on the last handled directory, and other information.

If you want to end the PUD process before it reaches the end of the directories list, the Stop PUD Process API allows you to do this.