Distribute Artifact


JFrog Xray
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Description: Deploys artifacts from Artifactory to Bintray, and creates an entry in the corresponding Artifactory distribution repository specified

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro

Since: 4.8

Security: Requires an authenticated user.

Usage: POST /api/distribute

Consumes: application/json

        "publish" : "<true | false>"                  // Default: true. If true, artifacts are published when deployed to Bintray
        "overrideExistingFiles" : "<true | false>"    // Default: false. If true, Artifactory overwrites files already existing in the target path in Bintray. 
                                                      // Existing version attributes are also overridden if defined in the distribution repository Advanced Configuration
        "gpgPassphrase" : "<passphrase>"              // If specified, Artifactory will GPG sign the version deployed to Bintray and apply the specified passphrase
        "async" : "<true | false>"                    // Default: false. If true, the artifact will be distributed asynchronously. Errors and warnings may be viewed in the log file
        "targetRepo" : "<targetDistributionRepo>",    // The Distribution Repository into which artifacts should be deployed
        "packagesRepoPaths" : ["<localRepo/path/to/distribute>", "<distRepo/path/to/distribute>"]     // An array of local or distribution repositories and corresponding paths to artifacts that should be deployed to the specified target repository in Bintray
        "dryRun" : "<true | false>"                   // Default: false. If true, distribution is only simulated. No files are actually moved.

Sample input:

POST /api/distribute
        "targetRepo" : "dist-repo-jfrog-artifactory",  
        "packagesRepoPaths" : ["yum-local/jfrog-artifactory-pro-4.7.6.rpm"]