List Docker Repositories



Description: Lists all Docker repositories (the registry's _catalog) hosted in an Artifactory Docker repository.

Since: 4.4.3. The n and last pagination parameters are supported from version 5.4.6. Both parameters refer to an integer.

Notes on List Docker Repositories

  • Requires JFrog Container Registry or Artifactory Pro

  • To enable fetching from the cache using the ListDockerRepositories and the ListDockerTags rest APIs, you will need to set the following system properties in the artifactory.system.propertiesfile:

    • Set artifactory.docker.catalogs.tags.fallback.fetch.remote.cache to true (the default is false)

    • Set artifactory.docker.cache.remote.repo.tags.and.catalog=

      This property should reference the URL to which the remote docker repositories point.

Security: Requires a privileged user

Usage: GET /api/docker/{repo-key}/v2/_catalog?n=<n from the request>&last=<last tag value from previous response>

Produces: application/json

  "repositories": [

Sample Usage:

GET /api/docker/docker-local/v2/_catalog
  "repositories": [