Get Permission Targets Per Group



Description: Get the permission targets list for the repository and build permission targets for a specific group.

Since: 6.9.0

Notes: Requires Artifactory Pro.

- To support spaces in the User or Group or Permission names, a Plus symbol (+) is automatically placed when there is a space. This is set by default as the property is set to true. If you want to use the + (plus) symbol, set the to false.

- Permission targets are not supported for Virtual repositories.

Security: Requires an admin user or a user with Manage permission on permission target

Usage: GET /api/v2/security/permissions/groups/<group_name>

Sample Output:

   "name": "permission-target-name",
   "repo": {
      "include-patterns": ["**"],
      "exclude-patterns": [""],
      "repositories": ["local-rep1", "local-rep2", "remote-rep1", "virtual-rep"],
      "actions": ["read","write","manage"]
    "build": {
      "include-patterns": [""],
      "exclude-patterns": [""],
      "repositories": ["artifactory-build-info"],
      "actions": ["read","manage"]